Welcome to Video production Spring 2021

Stop Motion and 2D Cell Animation

Stop Motion Animation

2D Cel Animation

Hullabaloo Effects

plasticine clay

Wallace and Gromit

Rubric for films

Movie Critique

-The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock

-Pan's Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro

-Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson

-Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton

-Citizen Kane, Orson Wells

Before you watch your film- I would suggest that you look over the google classroom document you will use to write your answers.


-Go to google class room and find todays assignment.

-As a group you will begin brainstorming ideas for a short film (you will work together)- it must use continuous editing.

-Have fun as you begin to brainstorm, but keep in mind Casady is where you will be filming. For example, you might not set the film for an exotic island...

-Assign roles: Who will film, who will direct, who will act

-Fill out the google class room form together

-Begin making a prop list and gathering items you will need

-Sketch out a simple storyboard- thinking ahead what shots and angles you might incorporate.

-Think about lighting and sound- what can you begin gathering today to start filming next lesson.

At the end you will all take the film footage and make your own edits in premier pro.

Forest Gump

Scene: Meet President Johnson