Mixed Media

Friday 2/19

Today find an everyday object and draw it ten times in ten different ways!

You can use any medium or materials that you want- be creative and have fun.

Remember- you must post your work to seesaw daily to receive credit.

Ed Ruscha at the Contemporary

Remote: Wed Feb 17th

“Creative people do not see things for what they are; they see things for what they could be.” - Julie Israel

Todays's assignment:

  • Create 10 doodles. Drawings should be NO smaller than 5 per page.

  • Artist Cintascotch (to the left) is the inspiration for today's project. Make sure the work is an inspiration not a copy!

  • Find at least 15 random objects around your house. Really take the time to look and think about the objects you collected.

  • Doodle and turn your objects into something completely different from what they actually are intended to be. For example pennies for the wheels of a car vrs actual currency.

  • Push your creativity and think outside the box.

  • Use whatever materials you have at home.

  • On Seesaw post your top 10 doodles from today.

Remote Learning: Wednesday Feb 10th and 11th

Please check in at the start and end of class.

I will be available the entire period for questions.

Look through this list of journal prompts and pick one (or two) to do today during class.

Post a photo of the work you completed today to seesaw. Use the microphone to record your thoughts about your piece and the process you took to create it.

Illustrating your childhood home

artwork by Claudia Melchor

Tuesday Jan 5th

Color Palettes

Please watch color theory video, it is found below- Eddy since you are new to painting you will create a color wheel and tint/value scale with your acrylics

Please watch the second video at the bottom

Don't forget to post todays work to Seesaw

Blocking in Colors

Wednesday January 6th

After you have completed your color palette and thumbnails (video will explain) you will begin to block in your colors